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Author Topic: Chapter 39: Daddy's Home  (Read 33 times)

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Chapter 39: Daddy's Home
« On: January 28, 2018, 12:05:38 PM »
"Oh, Fee, thank goodness." Reilly came over to him as soon as he opened the door and stepped into the farmhouse kitchen. Their sister Gemma, who was 6, was entertaining 3-year-old Elliot on a blanket on the floor, playing with trucks. She looked small and scared. All of the O'Malley kids took after their mother, thin boned and small, with black hair and pale blue eyes like wolves'. She was at the hospital now, picking up their father. Fjordan had noticed how her hands shook as she went to get her keys.

"Just had to clear my head." He gave his 10-year-old brother a hug. Reilly was much shyer than Fee, practically nonverbal around strangers, with long hair to his waist. He was so pretty people often thought he was a girl. He was a second mother to the younger two, taking care of them when their mother Lacey couldn't cope, which was often. Fee would have given anything to have his brother have a different sort of life. He was meant for better things than this. All of them were.

Gemma tried to smile but it came out more of a grimace. "Hi Fee."

"Hey, you." He went and knelt next to her, gave her a hug. She clung to him. Elliot, lost in his own little world, didn't seem to notice his presence. Fee had noticed him retreating more and more and that worried him. He was practically a baby, and babies needed interaction to develop.


The boy looked up.

"How you doing, bud?"

Elliot smiled vaguely, nodded, went back to the truck, making vrooming noises as he drove it over a block of wood. The truck was his prize, on loan from the toy library. People dropped off toys their kids didn't play with anymore and got them new ones. Gemma's current favorite was a brown bear with a red plaid bow. That bear went everywhere with her. Right now it sat on the floor, watching the proceedings at a slightly drunk angle.

Fee disengaged Gemma with a gentle kiss and stood up, looked at Ry, who seemed not to know what to do with his hands. Fee put his hands on his shoulders and kissed his forehead. "It'll be OK."

Ry nodded. "Maybe they should play in the bedroom." Nodded at the other two.

"I'm not sure. He might be upset if they're not present for his big welcome home." The words felt bitter in Fee's mouth. If only the shades had finished his dad off. If only the knights hadn't shown up to save him. He'd thought about that often. If only. He was pretty sure the knights wouldn't be so fond of his dad if he told them what Kieran was really like. If they believed him. It was too big of a risk and even if they did they might split up the family and Fee would survive but he knew it would devastate Ry and Gem. So he kept his mouth firmly shut.

Ry nodded halfheartedly, unconvinced. Their father's moods were like the wind, capricious and unpredictable. You could plan to appease him and it still wouldn't work. You had to pretend you hadn't planned it or it really wouldn't work. Fee took a deep breath. Looked around the kitchen. It was spotless. Reilly was terrified of leaving even a napkin out of place.

"The place looks nice."

Ry nodded. "Did you tend the cows?"

"Yes. Got up at the crack of a plumber's butt to do all the chores."

Ry giggled nervously. "Fee, that's so vulgar."

Fee grinned. He heard the doorknob turn and the grin vanished. Ry whirled around as the door opened and their parents walked in, their mother supporting their father with her shoulder.

"Get your father a chair," she said, and Ry hurried to oblige.

Kieran O'Malley was a handsome man with the same coloring as his children, but where they were thin and delicate he was a muscular six feet tall, the kind of man who made heads turn. His neighbors thought him a capable farmer and a friendly guy who was willing to share any bounty at a reasonable price. Not that there was much with six mouths to feed.

"Well?" He said now, his voice filling the formerly quiet kitchen. "Aren't you going to welcome me home?"
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Re: Chapter 39: Daddy's Home
« Reply #1 On: January 29, 2018, 03:29:55 PM »
I sure hope he's not as bad as Fee expects.
Abusive parents are the worst of human beings. :(
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