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Author Topic: Chapter 51: Two Down  (Read 1087 times)

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Chapter 51: Two Down
« On: June 11, 2010, 11:29:23 AM »

Chapter Fifty-One:
Two Down

The night was drawing to a close and ever so soon the sun would be up. Merely hours were left before the first rays of light would be coming from the sun, and Ilsa Vella was still up and about.

She looked down on the two men she had just bitten. They weren't the best looking, but their masculine, muscly bodies were likely to prove useful once they woke up. She wanted strong vampires. Ones that wouldn't betray her like the blundering idiot Gray Lurraxol and her handsome Lothario.

Throwing the two men over her shoulders, she started making her way back to the cave in the woods. She did not even bother to hide herself in the shadows this time. Gray had blown their cover. The game was up. She was out in the open now and it was only a matter of time before the stupid fleshies tried to fight her. Besides, the streets of Downtown were surprisingly empty at this time of night.

The muscly men who hung lifeless from her shoulders barely weighed anything. Oh, how she loved having her full strength back. And this time it was she who was the boss. She had no one to turn to for orders. Ilsa Vella smiled devilishly.

This was how it was meant to be. She did not bare the name Zograf for nothing. Her parents had been weak, which was why their bones were now turning to dust in their graves and her brother was not even worth thinking about. It was only she who would live up to what her grandparents had worked for. How they would be smiling at her if they knew how far she was about to go. For she would most certainly succeed in her plan.

Ilsa Vella always succeeded.

Tomorrow, as soon as the sun went down, she would strike down Lola Lurraxol, who was going to be her most loyal follower or face a very painful death, but she need not think of that outcome because Ilsa Vella Zograf always succeeded.
"In the deepest hour of the night,
confess to yourself that you would die
if you were forbidden to write.
And look deep into your heart
where it spreads it's roots, the answer,
and ask yourself, must I write?" -- Rainer Maria Rilke